Siberian sports stars about the World Cup in Barnaul: Sergey KAMENSKIY

Siberian sports stars about the World Cup in Barnaul: Sergey KAMENSKIY

Sergey KAMENSKIY, silver medalist of the Rio 2016 Olympic games in shooting, multiple World champion

The news about the World Cup stage is widely seen as a turning point and a crucial battle for being granted quota places for Olympics. To be honest, I did not even expect that we managed something like this. Unbelievably, Barnaul is constructing a cool sports complex which will bring together a thousand athletes from all over the world in a year! I am swollen with pride.

The World Cup is certainly a very attractive competition for participants, tourists and fans. The overall development of all kinds of sports will be sharply improved. At the moment the sports infrastructure of the Altai territory is not at the end of the list and the World Cup will serve without fail as a springboard to go higher!

Russia is well-known for three large modern canoeing canals: in Moscow, Krasnodar, and here which are definately able to hold competitions at the highest standard of organisation. It can't be any other way. I am sure that the organisers will make huge efforts and invest funds to bring the world's top canoeists and kayakers to the region again.

Interestingly, I am repeatedly asked about my origin by my foreign sports rivals. The fact that Siberia is stereotypically associated with frost and bears doesn't come to me as a surprise but amuses a lot. Many people actually think that every Siberian has a tamed bear, a hat with earflaps and a balalaika. I hope our region is highly likely to become an internationally recognized canoeing centre.

As far as I know, shooting unlike canoeing has never been run for allocation Olympic quota places in Russia yet. Due to the lack of large facilities or inappropriate capacity the events of such a level have never been held so far.